Tradition is here to stay

The Artisans

The meticulous crafting that goes into each of our candles makes them unique and long-lasting. The candles are an eclectic mix of elemental aromas, colours and textures, which stimulate the senses and gently jolt your memory. The artisan process involves the traditional crafts of perfumery, glass-blowing and turning pottery. It begins with the distillation of the essence, followed by container design, the perfect placement of the wick, manual filling of each candle and refined packaging. Once you put a flame to a candle from any IVSC collection, you become part of this illuminating experience – in both a physical and spiritual sense.

The nose

It begins with the expert craftsman who uses his gift from nature to analyse the individual properties of each yield at every harvest. He studies and memorises the complex nuances of the essence. He creates and composes the magical fragrances that move us. esencia.

The potters

Materials, textures and glazes are combined to create handcrafted earthenware. These vessels hold concentrated essences that mingle with earth and nature. Artistry and craftsmanship join with fragrance to awaken the sense of smell, touch and sight.

The glassblowers

The artisan technique of blowing glass creates objects of organic inspiration that are delicate and precious. The material’s transparency gives way to movement and light.

The chandlers

The producers of our marvellous waxworks. Wicks of soya are precisely placed to receive the vegetable waxes infused with our pure essences. The result: exquisite, slow-burning candles that release nature's aromas.

The sculptor

In his woodworking shop, this self-taught sculptor is the artisan behind our candle pedestals. His minimalist designs furnish each candle container with functional beauty. 

Our Collections

For the premiere of IVSC Candles, we are launching two collections: AIRE features a line of hand-blown glass containers, while TIERRA is a selection of artisanal pottery vessels. Visit our online shop to learn the story behind the light, discover the entire range of both collections and to order your favourites.