Add wonder to the air you breathe

Recalling the essence of innocence

“My inspiration in working with bioactive aromas is tied to the more than 100-year legacy of my family and their dedication to the distillation of essential oils and the art of perfumery. Inés Ventós SC products are my special contribution to that heritage. With the artisanal products and essences that I create, I pay tribute to my grandparents and my father, Ernesto Ventós – the “nose” of the family – who taught me that the sense of smell is the primary sense. Fragrances such as eucalyptus, lavender, rose and thyme rekindle my own childhood memories. They conjure up sojourns to my grandmother’s country house, walks on rainy days and herb-scented casseroles. All of these moments and the grand emotions they inspire are alive in my memory and empowered by fragrance. I relive them in the light of my candle collections. And invite you to discover your own special moments.” – Inés Ventós SC 

Less waste, more light

Candles with a commitment

The love of nature together with the preservation of traditional perfumery and candle-making craftsmanship are close to our hearts and at the core of our business. IVSC Candles are manufactured with the highest quality natural ingredients: from the sustainably sourced raw materials to the exclusive reusable and refillable designer containers and environmentally friendly packaging. Our candles are made in harmony with the environment because like you, we embrace a lifestyle that advocates health and respect. In doing so, we illuminate our present with a tiny ecological footprint – on our path to a brighter future.


Our naturally-infused candles come ready-to-enjoy in their beautifully designed containers. Once your candle has burned down completely, you’ll be happy to know that the containers can be reused or refilled.


Let your imagination be your guide! Your used candle container can provide a new home to fresh flowers, dried flowers, glass beads, fruit or herbs. Tag us and we will share your own ideas on our Instagram page!


Your eco-friendly refill comes complete with our superior quality natural wax and wick. Your new long-lasting candle is ready to use and only needs to be placed in the container. Enjoy being part of the solution while you continue to use the holder!

Our Collections​

For the premiere of IVSC Candles, we are launching two collections: AIR features a line of hand-blown glass containers, while EARTH is a selection of artisanal pottery vessels. Visit our online shop to learn the story behind the light, discover the entire range of both collections.